Paul Weller says giving up booze changed his body

Paul Weller

Paul Weller

Former The Jame rocker Paul Weller has revealed giving up drinking four years ago "completely" changed his body and life once he embraced a healthier lifestyle.

Paul Weller says giving up drinking as changed his life.

The former Jam rocker has admitted getting clean has greatly improved his well-being, and while he was "never" fat, he has noticed some weight loss since decided to ditch the booze in favour of a healthier lifestyle.

He told the Times Magazine: "I gave up drinking four years ago and loads of things have changed for me. My body f***ing changed completely.

"I was never, like, really, really fat. But I just dropped all the pudgy weight and puffiness I had from being on the p**s all the time. I'm still smoking loads, though."

The 56-year-old fashion and music icon has previously revealed plans to write his autobiography and wants to give his memoir a science fiction twist.

Speaking earlier this year, he said: "Yeah. But with a science-fiction theme to it. Set in space or something."

However, the 'Wake Up the Nation' singer may have a hard time completing his old stories thanks to a ritual of destroying all his notebooks after making a record.

He added: "I had this ritual, all my notebooks, after I finished a record, I'd either burn them or cut them into little pieces.

"My feelings were always get rid of it, burn it, move on. It's only recently that a mate of mine said, 'You should have kept all of them.' So I've started keeping them now."

Paul Weller

The Modfather performs material from throughout his 30-year career, including his latest album Saturn's Pattern.


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