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  • 14 February 2008
From Anglo Bubbly and Wham! bars to foiled chocolate cups and Space Dust, this website is a joy to behold for those of us nostalgic for long-forgotten treats. Oh, to return to the days when a two pence Highland toffee was the size of your head and you could get your mitts on a bumper bag of e-number-packed goodies for less than 10p. With over 600 sweets to choose from, this is as much a visual delight as it is a treat for the tastebuds.
Boasting the largest collection of hard to find games and consoles on the net, this website has a forum where viewers can swap unwanted games, links to its official E-bay store, and regular updates on the retro-gaming world. Prices vary, with most boxed games costing £15–£30, and consoles going for around £45. For the more dedicated among you, the website has a healthy collection of memorabilia such as the Nintendo Mario toothbrush holder.
Not only did the 80s introduce us to some of the best ever sweets, games and toys, it also gave us some of the greatest cartoon shows like The Raccoons, Jetsons, Gummi Bears, Fraggle Rock, Duck Tales, Denver the Last Dinosaur, Count Duckula and Bananaman to name but a few. Sit back and relax with a stash of retro sweets and shout out loud and proud: 'ThunderCats are go!'

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