Jennifer Gibney misses family on Strictly Come Dancing

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 8 September 2014
Jennifer Gibney

Jennifer Gibney

'Mrs Brown's Boys' actress, Jennifer Gibney has missed her family whilst filming scenes for 'Strictly Come Dancing'

Jennifer Gibney has admitted that she misses her family while filming 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

The 'Mrs Brown's Boys' actress is used to working alongside her husband, Brendan O'Carroll and their children on-set of his hugely successful sit-com, but since joining the line-up of 'Strictly Come Dancing', Jennifer has had to get used to working solo.

Talking to BANG Showbiz at the press launch, she explained: "It's a bit odd because I do miss my family because I'm used to working with them. But I have my new family. When you do a different project, that's what happens, your family just gets bigger."

Jennifer then added that it felt "strange" to be working on something more serious than her husband's comedy show.

She shared: "Yes, it is. But it's strange doing dancing!"

The BBC star did reveal that her loved ones are fully supportive of her joining the dancing competition and can't wait to come down and watch her perform.

When asked if they'll be visiting, Jennifer joked: "My family are all very excited about me doing it. Absolutely, try and stop them!"

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