Sean Penn and Charlize Theron 'clash on The Last Face'

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 6 September 2014
Sean Penn and Charlize Theron

Sean Penn and Charlize Theron

Sean Penn and Charlize Theron are allegedly clashing on the set of 'The Last Face' as he is said to be driving her mad

Sean Penn is reportedly driving Charlize Theron "insane" on the set of 'The Last Face.'

The 54-year-old actor is directing his 39-year-old girlfriend in the upcoming movie, currently being shot in South African, and their strong personalities are allegedly clashing on set.

A source told OK! magazine: "In everyday life, Sean is pretty easy going, but he turns into a completely different person on set, especially when he's directing. He's a perfectionist and has been very critical of her acting. It's driving her insane.

"Charlize has said she feels like nothing she does is good enough for Sean on this film. He constantly has her redo her scenes, critiquing how she delivers her lines or saying she isn't bringing enough passion."

As well as her reported problems on set, Charlize recently admitted she doesn't have the "perfect body".

He said: "I do not have a perfect body! I'm always finding things I can work on, but I definitely have reached a point where I feel comfortable and happy with the way my body looks."

"I like to think I am a woman who is comfortable [with] and celebratory of my strengths ... and indulges in the qualities that make me feel beautiful."

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