A guide to Scotland's best emerging bands 2014

A guide to Scotland's best emerging bands 2014

Roman Nose / Photo: Christel Sorenson

Featuring Honeyblood, Prides, Roman Nose, TeenCanteen, Birdhead, Hector Bizerk and more

Scotland’s music scene rings with talent - Nina Glencross picks out just a few of many emerging local artists to add to your playlist

With such a rich Scottish music scene, deciding which new releases or local gigs to check out can all seem a bit daunting. To ease the pain, here are a few acts to get you started.

Exploding onto the scene last year with euphoric single ‘Out of the Blue’, Glasgow synth pop trio Prides recently performed at the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony and show absolutely no signs of slowing down.

Glasgow garage girls Honeyblood have been cruising the scene for a while, building a strong fanbase at home. Now with their long awaited debut record out, everyone wants a piece of the noisy duo.

Sometimes, however, you just need a good dose of filthy electro thunder. That’s where Roman Nose come in. Like the Daft Punk of the Dark Side, this masked duo create face-melting techno so intense, only some sweet singer-songwriter can bring you back down to Earth.

Ella The Bird (formerly known as Siobhan Wilson) may be just the girl. Her enchanting, breathy vocals on acoustic ditties such as ‘All Dressed Up’ and ‘Laugh and Die’ will soothe any blues you didn’t even realise you had.

Possibly one of the finest indie pop bands to come out of Edinburgh of late, The Spook School create insanely catchy pop gems. Their lyrical explorations of growing up, relationships and being transgender are engaging and refreshing and their live shows are always a treat.

Then there’s TeenCanteen, a band whose sunshine pop is as sweet as their perfectly crafted vocal harmonies. Based in Edinburgh, the all-female quartet gained a huge following based on their live shows alone. As they begin to release more music, their future looks as bright as their melodies sound.

Despite its growing popularity over the past few years, Scottish hip-hop still hasn’t fully received the recognition it deserves. For Glasgow duo Hector Bizerk, however, it’s not for lack of trying and their Scottish Album of the Year award nomination earlier in 2014 was a huge testament to their ongoing hard work.

If you fancy more of an 80s post-punk vibe, check out Glasgow’s Casual Sex. As the name suggests, their’s is a sleazy yet sensual sound, incorporating the Eno-esque goodness of Roxy Music with a more angular rock band feel, a la Franz Ferdinand.

Finally, never ones for being pigeonholed, Edinburgh duo Birdhead merge new wave, krautrock and techno with garage, punk and even blues. It sounds messy in theory but, in practice, it’s a beautiful disaster.