Interview: DJ/producer Greg Wilson on his Super Weird Happenings

Interview: DJ/producer Greg Wilson on his Super Weird Happenings

Photo: Ian Tilton

The events are a result of collaboration with Blind Arcade, aka Black Grape's Kermit Leveridge and producer EVM128

Just the name of Greg Wilson’s new label, Super Weird Substance, inspires a sense of intrigue. Established earlier this year, the legendary DJ has embarked on arguably his most ambitious and adventurous project to date. Inspired by the redemption of former Black Grape rapper, Kermit Leveridge, it all started with a handful of demos and the birth of a very special mixtape. ‘I wanted to start producing again as this had been on the back burner since my revitalised DJ career took precedent’ explains Wilson. ‘When Kermit approached me to get involved with Blind Arcade this provided a flagship project for me to work with.’

Having fought personal addiction which very nearly ended his life, Kermit’s collaboration with EVM128, Blind Arcade, became a symbol of salvation, and the tracks which he played to Wilson immediately struck a chord. ‘I loved the overall positivity emitting from their demos’ he says, ‘but also the underlying layers of depth, which aren't immediately apparent, but reflect Kermit's struggle to overcome his demons’. Working the demos into a mixtape along with some of his own edits (you can listen to the whole thing below), Wilson was able to present Kermit’s story in his own inimitable way, framed by context and cohesion.

With the mixtape racking up thousands of plays, the idea of a multimedia label took shape and five ‘Super Weird Happenings’ were organised, one of which was in Glasgow. Spread over eight hours and featuring a Blind Arcade performance as well as live art, photography and conversation, it promises to be a departure from the standard club experience. ‘It's still very much a live show and a club night’ he reassures us, ‘I'll be DJing for the final 3 hours, but it's also a free-flowing artistic gathering with a variety of people contributing ideas. It's an exciting time, a whole new adventure’.

SWG3, Glasgow, Fri 26 Sep.

A Super Weird Happening with Greg Wilson, Blind Arcade & Steve Mason

Greg Wilson, Blind Arcade and Steve Mason make up the special attendees at the first Super Weird Happening.