Ella Eyre has a new boyfriend

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  • 5 September 2014
Ella Eyre

Ella Eyre

Ella Eyre is dating singer Saint Raymond, who is currently touring with Ed Sheeran

Ella Eyre has a new boyfriend.

The 'Waiting All Night' hitmaker split from her ex John Newman last year and is now dating fellow singer, 19-year-old Saint Raymond - who is currently on tour with Ed Sheeran.

The new couple first met at the Brit Awards in London in February, although the brunette beauty admitted she had struggled to remember the encounter the next day because she had been too "far gone".

Ella, 20, told The Sun Newspaper: "After posing for a snap with me in The Sun bus photo booth, she told me: "I got a message from him the next day asking me to one of his shows, but I had no idea how he got my number. We got chatting and he told me we'd been partying until 8am.

"I was like, 'You've either made a terrible impression or I was that far gone'."

The Brit Award-winner also admitted she is still close friends with her ex John, 24, although she found it "incredibly difficult" to get over the relationship early on in the break-up.

She explained: "We see each other all the time, but it was incredibly difficult to begin with. You want to shut out your ex-boyfriend but you can't because his face is on a billboard around every corner."

Ella Eyre

Bold, edgy pop and r'n'b vocals from the singer-songwriter who has gigged as Rudimental's lead vocalist.

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