Al Murray will 'hang on' to the Pub Landlord

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  • 3 September 2014
Al Murray

Al Murray

Comedian Al Murray wants to carry on playing his controversial character the Pub Landlord for another 20 years

Al Murray wants to play the Pub Landlord for another 20 years.

The 46-year-old comedian - who first introduced the infamous character on tour with Harry Hill in 1994 - plans to "hang on" to the persona for as long as possible.

When asked how long he will continue to play the Landlord for, he told The Sun newspaper: "Another 20 years? Probably. What's been interesting is it has adapted and changed and survived. I thought, 'Just hang on in there with the character and more and more people will tune into it and it'll become sort of part of the furniture. Rather than a dash for glory, just hang in there.'"

Al also has plans to take the mock-xenophobic character to the big screen.

He explained: "I'd love to make a Pub Landlord film -- where he goes looking for the Holy Grail, because it's a pint pot. Because the Last Supper was a stag night of sorts."

The 'Happy Hour' talk show host also defended his portrayal of the controversial right-wing patriot and claims any one who takes the character seriously doesn't have a sense of humour.

He explained: "There's supposedly the people who think the Pub Landlord's real and agree with him and there's supposedly the people who go, 'Well, you shouldn't be doing that because you're saying terrible things and people believe it.'

"Everything he's saying is complete nonsense, so if they're agreeing with it, that's hilarious.

"And people at the other end are a tiny vocal minority who need to worry about something else and who are denying what satire, parody, p***-taking, comedy and, irony actually are.

"They don't want audiences to think, and don't credit them with intelligence, flexibility and, most importantly, a sense of humour."

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