Richard Madeley's tumour scare

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  • 29 August 2014
Richard Madeley

Richard Madeley

Former 'This Morning' presenter, Richard Madeley has opened up about his recent health problems, including a worrying tumour scare

Richard Madeley has opened up about his health struggles.

The former 'This Morning' presenter has revealed his shocking health problems, after worried doctors thought his body was being attacked by tumours.

Talking to the Daily Mirror, Richard explained that his sudden illness took him by surprise because up until then, his immune system had always been very good.

He shared: "I'm very lucky in that I've been healthy all my life. Every morning I've woken up feeling as I did aged 20. But last autumn I woke up feeling absolutely terrible. I was afflicted for about 24 hours at a time with a really unpleasant flu-like illness - aching, throbbing, lights before my eyes.

"At Christmas I realized I had to get it checked out. They did some blood tests but still couldn't figured it out and thought I might have some primary tumours causing my immune system to break down."

A nervous Richard was then subjected to a full-body CT scan to check his whole body for any irregularities. He told the paper: "So I then had a full-body scan which, though nerve-racking, showed I had no tumours. What it did find is a little bit of fluid on the lung.

"I saw a consultant and it turns out I'd had low level pneumonia fir about six months which kept coming back. In the end I saw it off."

The 58-year-old television personality has assured fans that he is better now and revealed that he stays fit by going on longs walks with his wife Judy Finnegan near their home in Cornwall.

He joked: "Whatever the weather I walk there over the cliffs every day."

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