Jenny Slate: Obvious Child is what comedy fans want

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  • 28 August 2014
Jenny Slate

Jenny Slate

Jenny Slate says her new film 'Obvious Child' reflects what comedy fans want to see

Actress Jenny Slate says audiences are keen to see "comedies where characters aren't sacrificed for the jokes".

The 32-year-old entertainer is the star of the independent film 'Obvious Child', which is set in Brooklyn, New York, and adopts a very female-centric approach to comedy.

Reflecting on the film, and the evolution of comedy more broadly, Jenny told the Guardian newspaper: "The way comedy is now, at least in the States, there's a lot of really big, broad stories that are acted by people but don't really have any recognisable humans in them - and that is double for the roles that are given to women.

"People want to see comedies where characters aren't sacrificed for the jokes."

Jenny added that she loved making the film - which has received rave reviews in the US - because it was written, produced and directed by women, observing that "it really felt like a sisterhood".

'Obvious Child' centres on abortion, and Jenny says the film accurately portrays the complexities of the issue.

She said: "I feel I have to be totally cemented in my position, all: 'You can't tell me what to do with my body', but there is another part of me that is, you know, myself: vulnerable, with lots of doubts. I think our film shows that complexity."

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