New Territories

New Territories

Tramway, Glasgow, until Mon 8 Mar


Scotland’s annual international festival of Live Art, which returns this month features a series of standalone pieces that fall somewhere between dance, installation and contemporary theatre.

This year’s line-up includes Feed, which spatially disorientates its audience, immersing them in a sensory overloaded out-of-body experience, and Compagnie Thor, a Flemish contemporary dance company with a nightmarish interpretation of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. More familiar acts like Rui Horta and Goat Island will also be back.

While the festival has displayed longevity, this kind of work remains on the fringe of the UK theatre scene, something which Colin Richardson-Webb, company manager of producers New Moves believes is set to change. ‘This is the work that’s getting presented at major European festivals, it’s something that’s really gaining momentum in the UK’, he says. ‘It’s for audiences who want to come and see something a bit different; once they know they’re going to experience something exciting, new and innovative they are quite happy to take a risk. What we’d like them to come away with is an experience that they hadn’t quite expected.’

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