Danniella Westbrook's ex-husband wishes he'd done more

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  • 24 August 2014
Danniella Westbrook

Danniella Westbrook

Former 'EastEnders' actress Danniella Westbrook can't take "all the responsibility" for the drug problems which caused the downfall of her marriage, according to her ex-husband

Danniella Westbrook's ex-husband says she can't take "all the responsibility" for her cocaine use.

The former 'EastEnders' actress recently admitted she had suffered a relapse in April, and Kevin Jenkins has praised her for opening up about her problems.

He told the Sunday Mirror newspaper: "I couldn't forgive myself if I let Danni take all the responsibility for taking cocaine. I used it with her too.

"We all make our own choices...but I wish I had done more and hopefully prevented what happened. I feel so guilty ... I said a couple of times that it had to stop. But nearly every time we went out socially people were giving it to us.

"I would enjoy it at the time but the next day I felt so guilty. But when you are using it you haven't got a care in the world. I have been brought up in that environment, where partying and drugs were rife. I can see the pitfalls but still went ahead with it"

Meanwhile, Kevin has revealed he and Danniella are in Los Angeles trying to reconcile and work on their relationship.

He said: "We are in the best possible place to rebuild. Being out in Los Angeles gives us time to work on our relationship.

"We can go out without prying eyes looking at us all the time. We can talk freely to one another with no one scrutinising our every step waiting for us to screw up."

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