Amelia Lily wants to inspire diabetics

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  • 24 August 2014
Amelia Lily

Amelia Lily

Amelia Lily hopes to inspire young people who have diabetes as she has proved how "strong" the condition has made her

Amelia Lily hopes to inspire young people who have diabetes.

The 19-year-old singer also suffers from the condition - which affects insulin production in the body - and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was just three so hopes her strength can prove to other sufferers they can live with the disease.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I've inspired a lot of children. I get parents coming up to me; I get letters saying 'We're so grateful that you've inspired our children and they believe they can go on to do what they wanna do in life'.

"[Diabetes is] not the best thing in the world - I'd like to not have it. However, I feel as though, how strong I've had to be going through it, has made me a stronger person. Hopefully people can be inspired by that."

The 'You Bring Me Joy' singer also believes her condition has defined who she is as a person.

Amelia said: "I've had diabetes practically my whole life and for me, it sounds kind of silly, but I actually think I've become the person I am because I've got diabetes.

"My whole life, I've had to try to prove to everyone that just because I've got it doesn't mean I can't go out and fulfil my dreams. I think I've shown that."

Amelia Lily

The singer, who gained fame as a finalist on The X Factor in 2011, performs pop and dance tunes from her album, Be a Fighter.


1. Ella Corrigan26 Aug 2014, 3:04pm Report

It is a shame that when asked to put a few minutes into recording a message for a film made by type 1 children and about type 1 children, her enthusiasm was a resounding No!

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