Deacon Blue nervous about live shows

Deacon Blue singer Ricky Ross is nervous about performing live incase he can't remember his lyrics


This article is from 2014.

Deacon Blue

Deacon Blue

Deacon Blue's Ricky Ross is scared by the prospect of touring.

The 56-year-old singer is preparing to hit the road to perform new tracks from the band's latest album, A New House', and he while he is looking forward to appearing in front of fans, Ricky joked that his fading memory may pose a problem.

Asked whether he's excited by the prospect of touring, Ricky told BANG Showbiz: "It really excites me. Well, it kind of scares me a bit because I think my memory [of the new tracks] is not very good!

"But actually, about five years ago, we decided we either are a band that does new stuff and something creative - it doesn't matter whether we're successful or not, we do it because we want to do it - or, we stop.

"That was basically the point I came to, because we were playing well live but I couldn't stand doing another tour that was just greatest hits. That was going to be death."

The 'Dignity' hitmaker - who is joined in the band by Lorraine McIntosh, James Prime and Dougie Vipond - explained that although simply playing live doesn't get his juices flowing, the prospect of doing something creative does.

He added: "Playing live per se doesn't really interest me, but playing live and being creative with it, trying new things and doing interesting combinations of songs - that feels great."

The band's latest album, 'A New House', is released on September 8.

This article is from 2014.

Deacon Blue

Pop-rock band on their biggest tour in over a decade.

Castle Esplanade, Edinburgh

Sat 22 Jul

£42.50–£47.50 / 0131 225 9846

East Links, Montrose

Fri 26 May



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