Jamie Oliver wants an intimate tattoo

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  • 22 August 2014
Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver has revealed he wants to get a tattoo but would only get one on an intimate location on his body

Jamie Oliver wants an intimate tattoo.

The celebrity chef is considering marking his impending 40th birthday with a piece of body art, but because he knows his father wouldn't approve, he would have it inked somewhere his dad will never see.

He said: "I'd quite like a tattoo for my 40th, or 'slag tag' as one of my friends calls them. I probably won't because my dad wouldn't approve and his opinion matters.

"But I guess I could get away with it if I had it done around my genital area. He'd never know!"

This isn't the first time the 'Jamie's Comfort Food' star has considered a tattoo as he was previously thinking about getting his wife Juliette Norton's name inked on his finger.

He added: "I wanted to get Jools' name tattooed under my wedding ring, but apparently that's bad luck. Who knew?"

Jamie has three daughters, Poppy, 11, Daisy, 10, and Petal, four, with Juliette and although he is close to them, he has a particularly strong bond with three-year-old son Buddy.

He told Closer magazine: "I love all my kids equally, of course. But Buddy clings to me, which is different to my daughters. He's into everything and loves gadgets and experiments.

"He was swimming at two and a half because he's got three older sisters and he's very descriptive and verbal.

"It's a lovely bond we have."

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