Jackie Chan nearly quit action movies

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 22 August 2014
Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan says he considered quitting action movies while making 'Chinese Zodiac'

Jackie Chan considered quitting action movies after one particularly unpleasant day on the set of 'Chinese Zodiac'.

The Hollywood superstar, who is now in his 60s, admits it becomes harder to perform action stunts the older he gets and he says there was some especially unpleasant injuries suffered on the set of his latest flick.

He said: "I hurt my back, almost broke it. I was really, really hurt. I've broken it many times before, of course, but this time, I'm thinking, 'Wow, Jackie, you're lucky'. I don't want to sit in a wheelchair for the rest of my life."

Asked whether ageing made it tougher to perform stunts, Chan told ShortList: "Your mind thinks you can do it, but you're body tells you that you're not as fast as before. So, after that day, I thought ['Chinese Zodiac'] should be my last action movie.

"I love action, but physical action - jumping through cars, out of windows, somersaults... I can't do these things anymore."

'Chinese Zodiac', which is co-produced, written, directed by and stars Jackie Chan, is out now on Blue-ray and DVD.

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