Various - Rough Trade Counter Culture 07 (4 stars)

Various - Rough Trade Counter Culture 07

(Rough Trade)


If anything can be gleaned from these expansive, annual compilations its this: try as you might you can’t keep up with all the fine new music around unless you actually run a record store.

And while you might have marvelled at Of Montreal’s cherubic electro pop or scratched your head at the cubic delights of Battles you missed out on the whole raft of joyfully obscure players like No Age or The Woods who are biting at your heels. But, given Rough Trade’s truly esoteric tastes, you can’t love everything can you? Well, actually, the annoying thing is even the ball-breakingly weird or wilfully stupid stuff on here is in fascinating. Damn these people are smart. From Glasvegas’ metallic coiled spring ‘Daddy’s Gone’ or Dan Deacon’s trembling ‘The Crystal Cat’ we get all colours and shapes of the underground. A bit more electronica, dub and hip hop wouldn’t have gone a miss but that’s small beans when you’ve this much fun to contend with.

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