Nada Surf - Lucky (4 stars)

Nada Surf - Lucky

(City Slang)


Some bands are so damn unassuming that you almost miss them in the rush for the next big thing. Nada Surf are part of a slightly wonky lineage in rock music that starts with Neil Young and stretches through Paul Simon and The Cars to Buffalo Tom, Teenage Fanclub, The Dandy Warhols and Weezer, where bands effortlessly emote melodic and gently geeky guitar pop. To be fair, they’re probably not quite as good as any of those namechecked but have some considerable chops, throwing down irresistible chorus after beguiling lick. Infection and affection in one fuzzed up, blissed out bundle.


1. BlueGoose90016 Feb 2008, 4:46pm Report

I often dream of t rains. No I don't actually - love great music though.

2. BlueGoose90016 Feb 2008, 4:55pm4 stars Nada Surf - Lucky Report

I'd given up on Nada Surf a little bit after their slightly disappointing last album "The Weight is a Gift" - but this is a real return-to-form as far as I can tell. I think it is slightly different from their previous albums - it has all their hallmarks in the songs, so it is unmistakenly Nada Surf. But the very light and poppy production kind of lifts it up and gives it a bright feel than before. Songs like "whose authority", "beautiful beat" and "are you lightning" are undoubtedly some of the best songs they have written and up there with their classics. Very happily surprised by this and would heartily recommend it to anyone who likes good crafted guitar pop songs that have a dark centre. Good stuff.

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