Kim Edgar - Butterflies and Broken Glass (4 stars)

Kim Edgar - Butterflies and Broken Glass

(Quietly Fantastic)


Winning 2006’s Burnsong competition and being chucked into a house with established songwriters was a dream come true for Scottish singer Edgar, and she’s made that experience count on this accomplished and intimate debut slice of slick folk pop. Collaborations with Emma Pollock, Future Pilot and Chris Difford appear here, as does Karine Polwart and her band, but it’s Edgar’s own unassuming style which impresses most, from the sumptuous orchestral piano pop of ‘Cinderella Slippers’ to the stripped down folk of ‘Heavy Skies’ and the wonderfully melancholic ballad ‘Climber’. This is an impressive opening salvo from an already refined new talent.

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