Benefits Street's White Dee accused of betraying roots

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  • 20 August 2014
White Dee

White Dee as the Duchess of Solihull

Benefits Street's White Dee has been accused of "selling out" and "betraying her roots" by appearing on 'Celebrity Big Brother', on which she's been tasked with pretending to be a part of the Royal Family

'Benefits Street' star White Dee has been accused of "betraying her roots".

The 43-year-old star of the Channel 4 documentary series about James Turner Street in Birmingham, where a large number of residents claim government benefits instead of working, has been accused by her neighbour of betraying her roots by appearing on 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

Black Dee - whose real name is Samora Roberts - said: "She's a sell-out. I don't know her no more."

The 32-year-old reality TV star - who faces court next month on drugs and ammunition charges - insisted she wasn't jealous of her former friend, telling The Sun newspaper: "I wouldn't want nothing from some people who stabbed us in our heart.

"I wouldn't go on Big Brother.

"I hope she does the best for herself and her children. I'm still living the same normal life, with the same normal people, on the normal road."

Since joining the Channel 5 series on Monday (18.08.14), Dee has been tasked with trying to fool the foreign celebrity contestants - who include 'Point Break' actor Gary Busey - into believing she is the Duchess of Solihull and is related to the Queen.

Commenting on her task, one resident of James Turner Street said: "I think it is ridiculous to be honest."

Meanwhile, White Dee - who tweeted that she "couldn't bear the thought of being back on benefits" prior to entering the reality show house - is to be referred to by her real name Dee Kelly from now on, at the request of her management, who say she deserves "respect".

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