The Sound of new Scotland (4 stars)

The Sound of new Scotland

Classic Grand, Glasgow, Thu 24 Jan


The title of this show was a bold one, but proved Scottish music is nothing if not diverse. Trio Zoey Van Goey traded instruments more frequently than a Govan pawnshop while spinning their quirky web of fragrant folktronica. Mixing wistful pop, an almost scholarly approach to eking the sound out of their assorted instruments and plenty of humour, they’re a thoroughly individual bunch.

Wake the President, fronted by twins Erik and Bjorn Sandberg, drop obscure references a-go-go, right down to naming a song after short-lived 80s strummers Remember Fun. The Smiths that loom large over their jangly repertoire though, and booze, apparently – the latter brother opted for a bottle of Baileys as a light onstage refresher.

Taught indie pop headliners Bricolage have been knocking about for some time, but make the ‘new’ brigade by virtue of a recent line-up change and a raft of freshly squeezed, harmony ridden tunes. Shins-style shake ‘Temp It Up’ being a particular beauty indeed.

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