Baillie and the Fault (3 stars)

Baillie and the Fault

Barfly, Glasgow, Tue 29 Jan


Can Gary Lightbody have fooled everyone on the Glasgow scene into thinking that being just the right side of average is something to aspire to? Baillie and the Fault’s Mike Baillie – a man who has served his time on the stages of Glasgow, and who looks like the cheekiest one from McFly – is a talented guy in possession of a nice voice and an easy familiarity with a lovelorn indie anthem. Yet they’re mainly good in the sense that they’re just good enough, and the music never bridges the gap between pleasant and thrilling.

It doesn’t help that a couple of Baillie’s mates up the front deliver funny-voiced heckles between each song, but I suppose that’s the price you pay for a loyal local following. To be honest, songs like ‘Cross Your Fingers’, ‘Oh Gemma Don’t be Tasty’ (apparently Baillie renames this one every gig, though) and the meaty ‘Dark Water’ could easily shoot him to national fame, given luck and good circumstance. It just depends how many similar bands must fall on the wire before we really need a ‘new Snow Patrol’ to crawl out of the trenches.

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