Adele (4 stars)


Classic Grand, Glasgow, Fri 1 Feb


Dovetailing two phenomena, namely the fast track route to fame via MySpace and the new crop of ‘60s-style female singers triggered by the combined forces of Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse, Adele is most definitely a very current kind of star. But from opener ‘Daydreamer’ (the album is played in order and in its entirety) it’s clear that her voice harks back to a different era together.

A timeless powerhouse of a vocal that’s part Aretha and part Dusty with an occasional nod to Kirsty MacColl, it soars effortlessly up to the high notes and prompts hoots of approval, including ‘You’re a genius!’, to which she drily replies: You should see my GCSE results’. Whether anyone should become this famous this quickly is open to debate; underneath her confident singing voice the wide-eyed teenager comes through and she seems ecstatic that anyone’s turned up at all. ‘The album’s going to be number one tomorrow!’ she announces, as if we’ve all known her for years, and with a cackle that would put Barbara Windsor to shame. ‘And I’m going to get proper drunk.’


Smokey soul pop from Adele, touring he latest smash hit album 25.

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