ABC, Glasgow, Sat 23 Feb


If you’re under the misapprehension British rock was in trouble you obviously haven’t heard Gallows, the most exciting band Britain has to offer at the moment, a snarling feral injection of true hardcore and raw punk energy. Frontman Frank Carter is a ball of rage who explodes on contact with the stage, also grabbing an unlikely top spot on NME’s 2007 Cool List.

The band have been gigging non-stop since their phenomenal debut, Orchestra of Wolves was released last year. It’s a record that packs a visceral punch on tracks like ‘In the Belly of a Shark’ and ‘Abandon Ship’. However, it was their team-up with Lethal Bizzle for a cover of The Ruts’ ‘Staring at the Rude Bois’ that got them the most mainstream attention.

‘We’re not a commercial-sounding band, we never wanted mainstream success, we did it for ourselves,’ explains guitarist Laurent Barnard. ‘We’ve made a really aggressive record, but even if they don’t like the music, people have been coming down to the shows and saying: “That’s one of the best shows I’ve ever seen”, or “the best show I’ve ever seen.” We give it 200% every night and they appreciate that. We bleed for our art, literally.’

It’s a wild show with Carter at the epicentre of a maelstrom of bodies as buzzsaw guitars reverberate around the arena. ‘The music drives us, the crowd drives us and if the crowd don’t give a fuck that drives us even more cause we can show them what we’re about,’ says Barnard. ‘Being on stage is a release from all the shit that’s pissing you off. You get wound up and when you’re on that stage you can get all that aggression out.’


Hardcore punk band with satisfyingly mentalist frontman who once topped NME's Cool List. Not that he cares.

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