The Sopranos: The Complete Series on Blu-ray (5 stars)

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A chance to revisit the majestically written, acted and produced series that reshaped the small-screen form


With the tragic death of James Gandolfini last summer, any prospect of more Sopranos episodes or the much-discussed movie died with him. So, what we are left with is a mere 86 episodes of majestically written, acted and produced television, which only went and reshaped the small-screen form. It’s very unlikely that anyone involved in the show, which ended in 2007, will ever appear in anything as good again, but what an almighty legacy they’ve left behind. And this Blu-ray release is the perfect excuse to visit them again.

In a nutshell, Tony Soprano is a wounded man. With troubles at work (he’s manager of the mafia’s New Jersey office) and at home (his mother, wife and kids drive him to distraction), his panic attacks lead him to visit a therapist, something of a no-no in the gangster world.

Across seven landmark seasons, we realise the beauty of the show is that we even begin to care about a murderer, cheat and bully who appears to hold ducks and horses in higher regard than human beings. By the end, with the strains of ‘Don’t Stop Believin’’ suggesting all manner of theories about the ambiguous final scene, you will care with every fibre.

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