Preview: Destiny, a huge multiplayer open world shooter from the makers of Halo

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'The worlds we’re building are larger than anything we’ve ever given players to explore'

Destiny is the most ambitious project that Bungie has tackled in more than 20 years of making games. 'The worlds we’re building are larger than anything we’ve ever given players to explore. You’ll find destinations that stretch out past the horizon, riddled with secret corners to explore and plunder of their lost treasures,' explains David Dague, Community Manager at Bungie. And for anyone who knows Bungie's past record in videogame production that's an ambitious claim. Bungie developed the Marathon and Myth franchises before launching the world-beating Halo series, the game that set a new benchmark in first-person shooters.

Destiny is set 700 years in the future on a battle-ravaged Earth. 'You are a Guardian of the last safe city [on Earth],' continues Dague. 'Your mission will be to venture back out to the stars to beautiful but destroyed places like the Moon. You’ll reclaim all that we have lost, and battle the hostile aliens that have taken up residence in our rightful homes.' Destiny will be another FPS, but this time Bungie have widened their scope for a massive multiplayer experience that mixes the best of RPG conventions with fast-paced action, offering players three distinct races and a variety of character classes to choose from. 'Our goal is to equip players with enough options that each Guardian feels truly unique. Creating and growing your character will give you a complex series of choices. We’re equipping players with a wide range of options that will impact the way they look, the way they fight, and the abilities they use to express their power.' A vast selection of upgradable weapons, items and vehicles adds to the endless set of variable combinations.

Spanning not just one world but several planets, the environment evolves as the game is played. 'When you reach the landing zone of a destination, you’ll find that the world is wide open to you,' adds Dague. 'We’ll always provide clues that will guide you into the action, but players of Destiny will have the freedom to choose their own path. At the same time, we do want the experience of playing this game to be one of solving a mystery. The more you play, the more your quest will send you to new and exciting places. As the story unfolds, so does the world of the game.'

Featuring voice actors of the calibre of Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones), Nathan Fillion (Firefly) and Peter Stormare (Fargo), and with a theme song composed by none other than Sir Paul McCartney, Bungie have paid attention to every aspect of Destiny.

Bungie opened up the game to the public for beta testing and 4,638,937 players took the opportunity to get an early look at 2014's most anticipated videogame release, with the developer taking feedback from the gamer community to iron out any final niggles.

Graphically Destiny is simply stunning especially when running on next-gen machines the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. 'Between beats of action, there will be moments when you can sit and watch the waves crash on to the shores of the shattered coasts of Venus or watch a crimson sunrise over the buried cities of Mars.'

Destiny (Bungie/Activision) is released on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on Tue 9 Sep.

Official Destiny E3 Trailer -- New Beginnings

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