Tony Cruz, Remy Jungerman and Adele Todd - Spirit Levels (4 stars)

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Photo: Alan Dimmick

International art show exploring differing questions on social realities and spirituality

Integrity and sincerity link all of the artist’s intentions within Spirit Levels an exhibition of work by international artists Tony Cruz, Remy Jungerman and Adele Todd. Each artist explores line, form and abstraction, while raising differing questions on social realities and spirituality within both global and local contexts.

‘Police An Teif’ by Adele Todd is a collection of poignant embroideries replicating disturbing scenes represented in the media in Trinidad and Tobago. Each one is uncomplicated in line and material, and remains delicate, despite the weight of the subject matter. Todd’s other works in the exhibition centre around language; slang words linked to women are sculpted with more ‘soft materials’ as the artist describes them, to create colourful word chains with dark undertones.

Remy Jungerman’s mixed media sculptures, wall pieces and screen prints conjure the aesthetic of western modernist art combined with Afro-Caribbean textile traditions. To highlight the Netherlands’ previous colonial ties to Suriname, Jungerman’s birthplace, the artist creates a tension of references to both the 1920s De Stijl movement, which frequently used bright blocks of primary colours, and to the explorations of geometric textile traditions that link to ritual and religion in Suriname.

Puerto Rican artist Tony Cruz continues the show’s exploration of line and form through drawing. Drawing underpins almost all elements of Cruz’s practice; he draws directly on to the wall, on various collected papers in ‘La Nube’ (the cloud) and it is an integral part of his animations. Five of Cruz’s animations are presented in this show, each one short, simple and endearing, illustrating examples of Puerto Rican life such as baseball, smoking and salsa music. Cruz dispels the popular associations of drawing as preparation rather than a finished article and demonstrates, along with Jungerman and Todd, the power of simplicity. 

CCA, Glasgow, until Sun 7 Sep.

Tony Cruz, Remy Jungerman and Adele Todd: Spirit Levels

The three artists pay homage to line and form in abstract work made from a variety of media.

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