Charlotte Prodger explores speech and self-representation with new GENERATION project

Charlotte Prodger

Photo: Richard Bevan

microsphaeric howard hughes heaven movie is the new performance art piece from the Glasgow-based artist and DJ

Artist and DJ Charlotte Prodger uses elements of her previous video installations and writing work for this one-off live performance produced in partnership with LUX Scotland and forming part of GENERATION. Taking information from different sources including personal emails, internet forums, anecdotes from friends and music from her DJ residency at Nice’n’Sleazy, Prodger's work explores speech and other ways in which we represent ourselves, and looks at how they change in relation to time and space. 

Prodger narrates much of her work herself, working primarily with redundant technologies such as analogue formats, Hantarex monitors, projectors and boomboxes to explore the relationship between language and material. Chloe Josse, exhibition organiser at Tramway, said that for microsphaeric howard hughes heaven movie, Prodger would use material including 16mm film, audio tape and YouTube videos. ‘The event will look at the shifting multiple subjectivities of internet video in relation to the paleolithic relationship between language and techniques,’ she added. 

Prodger, who has exhibited at the past two Glasgow International festivals and will have a solo show at Inverleith House in Edinburgh next year, won this year's Margaret Tait Award, and will present her resulting work based on the American land artist Nancy Holt at Glasgow Film Festival next year. 

Tramway, Glasgow, Sept 19, 8.30pm.

Charlotte Prodger: microsphaeric howard hughes heaven movie

Installation and performance reconsidering various aspects of the artist's work and exploring the relationships between language and techniques.