Orlando Julius with the Heliocentrics - Jaiyede Afro (4 stars)

Orlando Julius with the Heliocentrics - Jaiyede Afro

Afrobeat icon and London groove collective collab brings psychedelic twist to familiar sound

The excellent Jaiyede Afro sees London groove collective The Heliocentrics commune with Nigerian legend Orlando Julius, reworking some of his deep cuts and exploring new territory together.

'Buje Buje' is classic Afrobeat with a psychedelic twist. Its low-slung groove rolls with funky intent, while the horns add gutsy accents and a heat-haze organ shimmers. A hallucinatory twilit atmosphere permeates the Afrobeat epic 'Be Counted'. As Julius pays lyrical homage to Nelson Mandela, drummer Malcom Catto sets up an indelible groove, building a gorgeous tension that is never fully released, even when the saxophonists and trumpeters come together in a controlled explosion of altissimo squalls, baritone burps and silver trills. Instrumental sketches such as 'Sangodele' and 'Alafia' take the group into cosmic regions. On the latter, the organ and wah-wah guitar drip with ectoplasmic reverb and delay, as if Sun Ra and King Tubby had met on a spaceway to Lagos.

Orlando Julius with the Heliocentrics - Buje Buje

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