MC Almond Milk - Teen Age Wasteland (4 stars)

MC Almond Milk - Teen Age Wasteland

Bonkers rap solo project from James Scott of Conquering Animal Sound and friends

According to the journalists' culinary almanac (or 'Wikipedia' as it is otherwise known), Almond Milk 'comes in plain or vanilla flavours, and is beige in colour'. Radioactive Govan rapper MC Almond Milk is nothing like that. With rhymes as effervescent as the 'Crystal Clear Cola' he propagandises, and Dayglo electronica as bright, addictive and refreshing as his titles ('Neon Beerz'), sonic polymath James Scott proves he is equally adept at making inventive, melodic hip hop (under the alias MC Almond Milk), hallucinogenic fuzz-rock (as The Japanese War Effort) and machine-pop alchemy (as one-half of Conquering Animal Sound).

Scott is part of Glasgow's stellar Save As Collective (Miaoux Miaoux, Jonnie Common, Globules, etc), whose spiritual HQ is Shawlands' Glad Café. Many of the crew's estimable members and allies feature on Teen Age Wasteland (which is available for free download); from Common's sonic dalliance on the progressively heady 'How2DoBizness In 2k14', through Globules' aural insignia on 'Kid's Show', to the beatific techno-chaos of FOUND's River of Slime, who is all over 'Crystal Clear Cola' and 'Blood Donor Selfie'.

The delights go on, as do the surprises. If the opening bars of the album's '(Wasteland Theme)' echo Icehouse's 'Hey Little Girl', then they're soon replaced by the less ambiguous riffage, and wordage, of The Who's 'Baba O' Reilly' – a motif that recurs throughout the album ('Out Here in the Fields'; 'I Don't Need to Fight to Prove I'm Right'). Sonic Youth, too, play a stylistic role – Teen Age Wasteland is a nod to the band's seminal 'Teen Age Riot'. And if subjects like big business, life on the road, pop culture, fizzy drinks, vegetarianism and football might be expected by anyone who follows Scott's Twitter feed, his attention to detail and auxiliary footage is nonetheless remarkable – not least the featured commentary from Inverness Caley Thistle's penalty shootout win over Hearts in 2014's League Cup semi-final. Scott's take on local rap and beats is modest yet all-conquering.