Dave Liebman & Steve Dalachinsky - The Fallout of Dreams (4 stars)


Liebman and Richie Beirach provide jazz accompaniment for poet Dalachinsky's neo-beat visions

(Rogue Art)

Jazz and Poetry: all those clichés of earnest Beatniks reciting sub-Ginsberg doggerel over generic bebop … euch! Yet, at its best, it can be a revelation: the militant rage of Amiri Baraka and Sunny Murray's 'Black Art', the ecstatic picaresque of Jack Kerouac's 'October In The Railroad Earth'. Echoes of the latter are 'carried like stars on the poets' backs' through 'The Leaves Are Changing', as pianist Richie Beirach weaves bluesy asides and Satie-like impressions around Steve Dalachinsky's neo-beat visions. Dalachinsky has a splendid Noo Yawk accent, lending authenticity to his evocations of the Brooklyn childhood he shared with saxophonist Dave Liebman, and street smarts to his bardic flights. The two Beirach tracks aside, this is a duo affair, as Liebman provides inspired commentaries on a range of instruments: swooping, spiralling soprano on 'The Breath (For Evan Parker)', clattering drums on 'Cosmic', airy flute on 'Magical Realism'. A beautiful conversation.

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