St Vincent: a volatile marriage of ‘serene calmness and bristling aggression’


The singer and guitarist a unique, serrated, superfuzz playing style developed across four chamber rock albums

Originality is not an accolade bandied about so much these days but Texan musical innovator Annie Clark in ice queen / guitar hero guise as St Vincent is surely a one-off, with a unique, serrated, superfuzz playing style which she has developed across four quirky chamber rock albums. The Smithsonian Institution certainly thinks so, awarding Clark their American Ingenuity Award for Performing Arts last year.

Clark credits her single-minded creative vision in part to an obsessive nature. It recently came to light that she is no slouch with a football, having developed her sweet soccer skills through constant practice as a child growing up in Texas. When she ditched football for guitar in her early teens, she applied herself just as rigorously to her new passion.

Her uncle Tuck Andress, who played in a jazz duo with his wife Patti, was a huge formative influence, introducing Clark to John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme, and for a while she pursued her own training in jazz before dropping out of Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music and returning to Texas to play with indie acts Sufjan Stevens and the Polyphonic Spree.

But Clark has resisted categorisation when it comes to her own music. She has always had a taste for heavy sounds, whether playing in a high school Metallica covers band or opening for Queens of the Stone Age and the Black Keys. Most recently, she has sung on the latest Swans album and with the surviving members of Nirvana at the band’s Rock And Roll Hall of Fame induction.

St Vincent’s playing isn’t especially heavy but it is enormously potent, a volatile marriage of ‘serene calmness and bristling aggression’ which she has exploited on her self-titled fourth album and in her wonderfully eccentric live show.

ABC, Glasgow, Tue 26 Aug.

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St. Vincent

Sublime sounds from the Kate Bush-like St Vincent, aka former Polyphonic Spree/Sufjan Stevens guitarist Annie Clark.

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St. Vincent is an American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. She began her music career as a member of The Polyphonic Spree and was also part of Sufjan Stevens' touring band before forming her own band in 2006. Her debut album was Marry Me, and was followed by Actor (2009). Her third album, Strange Mercy, was…

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