Multimedia exhibition SEEP II: Mirrors & Mires explores identity and intersectionality

*4seep Ii: Mirrors & Mires

Liz Cronin, Sad Little Man, Greygory Vass and Felix Lane are among the contributing artists

A multimedia exhibition highlighting the work of artists fighting discrimination on multiple fronts is opening in Edinburgh’s Patriothall Gallery in September. ‘The show is vital because what's often highlighted as important to the gay community doesn't always take us all into consideration,’ explains Sandra Alland who is curating the show. The exhibition focuses on ‘minority ethnic, POC, racialised, working class, deaf and/or disabled LGBTI artists’ and follows on from May's sell-out show, SEEP: Fluidity in Body and Landscape.

It's ideal timing for anyone who wants to celebrate or distract themselves from the referendum outcome – the exhibition opens on 19 September. ‘It's a perfect time to discuss identity,’ says Alland ‘and specifically Scottish identity and where our intersectional communities fit into that. And of course talking about migration, access and disability is vital in these dire times of Westminster slashing and scapegoating.’

As anyone who has seen her exhibitions before will know, Alland is committed to inclusion and SEEP II features a tour designed for blind and partially sighted visitors – although everyone is welcome – which focuses on exploring ‘the intricacies of representing race, class, gender, ability and sexuality for blind audiences; and balancing access with artistic “vision”.’

Mixing international guests with some of Scotland's most exciting emerging creators, the exhibition, tour and workshops feature a wide range of artists – from musician and self-described ‘worrier princess’ Liz Cronin to artist and academic Sad Little Man, who explores the intersection between delusional paranoia, body dysmorphia and disordered eating as part of wider collection, ‘Creepster’. Most interesting of all, perhaps, is ‘Open Barbers’, a hairdressing project run by Greygory Vass and Felix Lane, that ‘seeks to create a safe space that prompts dialogue around identity politics, gender, sexuality, queerness, and the politics of hair, presentation, and style.’

Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh, Fri 19–Mon 29 Sep.

SEEP II: Mirrors & Mires

Visual art, poetry, performance and hair-cutting in this multi-disciplinary event.

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