Michael Palin to tour UK in support of new book Travelling to Work


The legendary Monty Python member discusses showbiz and travel in his third memoir

Is there anyone more popular in the world of British entertainment than Michael Palin? It’s very unlikely. Not even his participation in the Monty Python O2 reunion bashes can take the shine from the public’s love for him; you just sense that he was doing it for the sake of getting back together with some old pals rather than anything remotely connected to earning a fast and easy buck.

For these appearances, Palin is marking the publication of Travelling to Work, his third volume of diaries in which he will reflect on 25 years of exploring the world and almost half a century in radio, television, books and films. The first half of the night will be a whistle-stop tour of the mad thing that we call The World, while in part two, he reflects on the love of comedy that took him from a Yorkshire schoolboy to helping sell out massive arenas in the big city.

To cap an astonishingly hectic year for him, Palin will be appearing in his first leading TV role since he appeared in Alan Bleasdale’s landmark 1991 drama, GBH. In BBC One’s three-part Remember Me, he plays a mysterious care home resident who is the only witness to a violent death. A ripping yarn, no doubt.

Theatre Royal, Glasgow, Fri 12 Sep; King’s Theatre, Edinburgh, Tue 16 Sep.

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