Almost Royal (3 stars)

*4almost Royal

Amy Hoggart and Ed Gamble star in a gentle, Royalty-mocking romp

It’s easy for us all to say it in hindsight, but you’d have thought that the Americans would have seen regal siblings George and Poppy Carlton (heirs to the throne, albeit way, way down the list) coming a mile off. Sacha Baron Cohen had already made US folks look pretty silly through the ballsy auspices of Borat and Brüno, but here come this supremely posh, nice-but-dim pair dropping in on various locations which engender obvious comedic potential. But enjoyable as it is, it’s unlikely to ruffle a Corgi, never mind terrify the horses.

So, they visit the set of sitcom The Bold and the Beautiful with Poppy trying to pursue an acting career (she’s terrible, naturally), while George bores the pants off a Tea Party gathering with his speech about his local cricket team; Poppy’s main beef is the distinct lack of tea being offered. Historians are cajoled, baseball pitchers are teased and historical re-enactment societies are left befuddled.

While Amy Hoggart’s Poppy is in the same ballpark as her ditzy, slightly creepy Pattie Brewster creation, Ed Gamble certainly channels something other than the matey but unladdish persona he adopts on stage either in his solo stand-up or alongside comedy buddy Ray Peacock. Ultimately though, Almost Royal is a gentle romp through a sub-genre that feels a little past its use-by-date.

E4, Sun, 10pm.

Georgie & Poppy's Royal Introduction - ALMOST ROYAL New Comedy Series Premieres JUNE 21 BBC AMERICA

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