Jonas Kopp and DJ Deep set for date at Glasgow's Sub Club

*4Jonas Kopp and DJ Deep

Argentinean producer and DJ guests at Animal Farm

You need only glance at Jonas Kopp’s tour schedule to appreciate his rocketing status; from Tresor to Trouw, Panorama Bar to Rex Club, the Argentinean producer and DJ has played to some of the most prestigious dancefloors in the world, each one moved by a man who is fast becoming one of techno’s most exciting prospects. Once described as Buenos Aires’ best-kept secret, it’s fair to say that the secret is now well and truly out, with coveted releases on the likes of Ostgut Ton and Curle finding support in all the right places.

In a few weeks he’ll be joining the equally lauded DJ Deep for a special night with Animal Farm at the Sub Club – a double bill the promoters describe as 'long overdue'. So how does he feel about adding the infamous Subbie to his bucket list? ‘I’m so excited about it. I’ve heard such good feedback from some respectable people,’ he tells us. ‘I’ve heard good things about the soundsystem and the crowd - the most important elements of a club for me.’

Of course, reaching this point has taken a tremendous amount of work, having started writing music in his teens and releasing his first album as Area 64 when he was 19. ‘At that time there was no internet and little information about music production,’ he reflects. ‘After Area 64 I had been trying to improve the quality of my productions, so it took almost six years before my first release on Spectral Sound.’ With firm support from the likes of Matthew Dear and Ricardo Villalobos, Jonas is now working towards his long-awaited debut album. ‘This is a great moment in my life,’ he beams, ‘I think an album is the most personal expression of an artist, so it must to be more than special.’

Sub Club, Glasgow, Fri 5 Sep.

Jonas Kopp & DJ Deep

Rising Argentinian techno-house producer and DJ.

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