Neil Landstrumm on what makes him tick on tour and at home

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  • 19 August 2014
Neil Lanstrumm on what makes him tick on tour and at home

Techno veteran talks favourite cities, biking riding and cheese ahead of Sneaky Pete's set with DJ Hobbes

Favourite club to play
It’s impossible to single just one out, but a concrete, golf ball-looking venue in St Petersburg was pretty good this year. The name escapes me.

Favourite city to chill out in
I've become less of an urbanite nowadays – I’d rather be at the top of a hill on my trials bike with a couple of mates just enjoying the ride and scenery. I've had the privilege of visiting many cities but it does take a lot to top Edinburgh for being a relaxed city (or Peebles, for that matter).

Favourite city to party in
Manchester or Le Mans.

Favourite city to eat in
New York.

Three essential items on your rider
A straight sober driver to the airport (you'd be surprised with all those zombies out there), a decent sound system and some people in the venue.

What do you do to relax?
I enjoy riding trials bikes deep into wilderness with a couple of mates and just being in remote places, hanging out. I also enjoy fixing old cars and bikes (anyone got any old trials bikes they want to sell?).

Three things you miss when you’re on tour
My daughter, wife and mates.

Three things you don’t miss when you’re on tour
Facebook, midges and the Tories.

Track you can't stop listening to right now
Rick James 'Give It To Me Baby'.

Best part of playing live
All the types of cheese sandwiches you get to eat on the road, of course.

Worst part of playing live
Probably dealing with all the delusional fantasists (DFs) and loose cannons (LCs) in club world, of which there are many.

Neil Landstrumm plays Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, Thu 21 Aug.

Neil Landstrumm and DJ Hobbes

Edinburgh’s techno veteran Landstrumm accompanied by Hobbes.