Dynamo to reinvent the live magic show

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 18 August 2014


Dynamo has confessed he's hoping to reinvent the live magic show when he retires his TV show 'Dynamo: Magician Impossible' to work on a theatre performance

Dynamo intends to "reinvent the live magic show".

The 31-year-old magician has announced that the fourth series of 'Dynamo: Magician Impossible' will be the last, with the Bradford-born trickster set to make the move into the live arena.

He explained: "I think there are so many opportunities in the live arena for what I do, so it will be a great chance to kind of reinvent the live magic show.

"I can think back to David Copperfield and Paul Daniels, but I think in this day and age, there aren't that many magic shows in theatres so I think it will be interesting to take a look at that."

Dynamo also revealed that one of his ambitions is to perform magic in front of hip-hop star Eminem.

He told BANG Showbiz: "I think it would be pretty cool to perform magic in front of Eminem - I'm just a huge fan of his work. He's also a big comic book fan and so am I, so we can just geek out together."


Magician and illusionist in the David Blaine mould.

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