5 Things you might not know about - Des Clarke

5 Things you might not know about - Des Clarke

1 In 2000 at the tender age of 19, Des Clarke was runner-up in the prestigious So You Think You’re Funny awards. The victor was one Drew Rokos. He’s Australian. That’s all we know about him.

2 His first major TV exposure was on ITV’s Saturday morning kids show, SM:TV (which more than likely stood for Saturday Morning: Television). Pop pixie Rachel Stevens once left the studio with Clarke’s jacket in tow, which contained the comic’s notes for a gig he was to perform that same night.

3 When most comedians would be staggering through the door at 4am, Des would be up and at them at that very hour to head off for his Beat 106 breakfast show. He has had quite a few lie-ins since amicably leaving the station in 2004.

4 He’s a rather nifty impersonator, having done a devilish take on David Dickinson for the TV tots while last year’s Fringe affair, Destiny, featured him mimicking Kermit the Frog and George Galloway.

5 He has never been mistaken for Des Clarke, one of the original characters on Neighbours.

The Pleasance Cabaret Bar, Edinburgh, Tue 19 Feb.

Pleasance Comedy

Two of the best Scottish acts entertain the students: Des Clarke and Joe Heenan. Go along, it's open to all, you just might feel old.

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The participants in the latest prestigious stand-up course at the University of Strathclyde show what they've developed in this showcase show, with the fabulous JoJo Sutherland, an alumnus of the course.

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