Shy star Eva Green

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  • 16 August 2014
Eva Green

Eva Green

Eva Green insists she isn't very confident away from the camera and only became an actress to boost her confidence

Eva Green lacks self-confidence away from the camera.

The 'Casino Royale' actress often plays strong on-screen roles, but says this is a marked deviation from her real life character.

She explained: "I'm not confident in real life. I'm drawn to play characters who aren't like me because sometimes they're the people I wish I could be in real life.

"If somebody annoys you, you say, 'Off with their head!' "

The 34-year-old beauty started acting as a means of boosting her self-confidence and has been surprised that is has progressed as far as it has.

She explained to Britain's Hello! magazine: "I was very shy at school - I never talked and thought I would pass out every time the teacher asked me a question.

"So I decided to take these classes to try to pretend to be somebody else and gain some confidence. I really enjoyed it so it went from there."

The revelation is perhaps made more surprising given that Eva's mother, Marlene Jobert, also worked as an actress.

Eva explained: "She was very successful in France but she gave it up in her early 40s. She said, 'This business is quite mad and I want to live my life how I want to live it, without people judging me.'"

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