Jo Caulfield

Jo Caulfield

The Stand, Glasgow, Thu 14–Sat 16 Feb


Jo Caulfield knows that it’s good to let off some steam now and again. On her website, she allows her fans to rant on her Angry and Annoyed page. Among the more recent complaints was the woman who gets angry and annoyed at people who insist that ‘kids say the funniest things; well, they don’t, they just talk a load of bollocks.’ Then there’s the bloke who gets all irritable over the daft names of porn stars and the anonymous poster who rails at the ‘moron’ who put wind chimes outside his house in a built-up area. All perfectly reasonable topics to get het up about.

Others might be exasperated that this comic isn’t more famous than she is, having burrowed away amusingly on the stand-up circuit for the entirety of this century, a Fringe debut arriving in 2001 with It’s Not that Important. These Stand shows play a part of her warm-up for an appearance at the Glasgow Comedy Festival with Jo Caulfield Goes to Hell in which she will offer witty words of wisdom on subjects such as late night poker, binge drinking and why divorce isn’t so tough on the kids, it’s the friends who truly suffer. Prepare to be angry, annoyed and amused.

Jo Caulfield: Cruel to be Kind

One of Britain's sharpest comedians brings her acerbic humour on tour.

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