Danielle Armstrong wants tanned babies

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  • 15 August 2014
Danielle Armstrong

Danielle Armstrong

Danielle Armstrong has admitted she wants her babies to be as tanned as her when she decides to have a family

Danielle Armstrong wants tanned babies.

The 26-year-old 'The Only Way Is Essex' star has admitted that now she's back with her boyfriend James 'Lockie' Lock, she's already thinking about having kids and wants them to be as orange as her.

Quizzed on whether she wanted to follow in the footsteps of co-star Billie Faiers - who gave birth to her first daughter recently - by having children, she said: "Yes! They'd be tanned and cute. I'd like four, but I want to make sure my kids are well looked after, so you'll know how my finances are if I only have two!"

The blonde beauty also revealed that Lockie - who recently had his "back, sack and crack" waxed on the ITV2 reality series - won't be involved in the decision as to how many children they'll be having.

When asked if he wants a big family as well, Danielle laughed: "He's got no choice, I'm carrying them, babe! I'll decide that one."

Meanwhile, Dani also confessed that while she thought it was funny that her boyfriend went ahead with his painful waxing procedures after winning it as a prize at bingo, she doesn't think he'll be going for a follow-up appointment.

She added to Star magazine: "I loved it, but I prefer him with hair. I don't want my man smoother than me!"

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