The Hold, Glasgow, Sat 23 Feb


‘The thing about indie kids is that sometimes they just don’t have the stamina to dance to the end,’ muses Colin Bailey aka Kaput!’s Kid Twist. ‘I play rock’n’roll at Kaput!, but it’s all about dancing and getting sweaty. We never wanted to be National Pop League, although they play NWA and it’s great, but we aim to be a different type of indie disco. A darker one. Okay, basically a metal club.’

He’s laughing when he makes this last claim, of course. Now reaching their first birthday Bailey, Tom Harkness and Duncan Robertson (the latter pair run the 50p Badges empire, while Robertson is in Dananananaykroyd) have been packing out The Hold with Kaput!’s rare brand of crossover electronic/analogue eclecticism, defining themselves has been the last thing on their mind. Bailey was apparently the only one who thought of himself as a ‘proper’ DJ before the club began, and recently played Fabric and Mary Anne Hobbes’ Radio 1 show. Now based in London, he considers the night such an important part of what he does that he regularly makes the journey north for it, including their guest turn at Numbers’ New Year Art School gig.

‘Speaking of metal: when Tom and I shared a flat in Maryhill, educating each other on Joy Division and DJ Pierre, we actually wanted to start a club called Heavy,’ he says. ‘We’d play nothing but earache metal and old-school jungle. Nobody would go to that, though, so thank god Duncan came along and sorted us out.’ Thank god indeed: the indie kids wouldn’t have survived.


The monthly rock'n'roll, krautrock, new wave and electronique party made for dancing. This is a busy one for anyone who likes dark rooms and wild music, although 29 Nov is sadly the final date.

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