Crate Digging: Darkstar set for UK date ahead of forthcoming album


Playlist from group’s James Young featuring Nochexxx, Nicolas Jaar, Gwilym Gold and Micachu

Melodic, densely atmospheric, at once minimal and psychedelic, production trio Darkstar have found a fitting home on both Hyperdub and Warp Records, and will be well at home in the dark, snug confines of Sneaky Pete’s on 13 August. With vocalist and songwriter James Buttery joining in 2009, their second album, 2013’s News From Nowhere, signalled a new direction, leaving their choice of tunes for a DJ set even more open. So, we asked for a heads up – here’s a few we might just hear on the night, as chosen by the group’s James Young.

Nochexxx Ft Sensational – Sinbliss

Actress put this out on Werkdiscs a while back and I've been playing it for going on four years now. It's off kilter and lopsided in an interesting way – kind of like bashment, I suppose. 


Nicolas Jaar – Don't Break My Love

Again, nothing recent – he gave it away a couple of years ago. It sits right between something I'd listen to at home and something I’d play out, and the way it's been put together and how sonically striking it is makes me keep going back to it.

Gwilym Gold – Muscle

This has just come out and was made in Konk [Studios, managed by the Kinks], where our studio is – I've done some work on parts of his forthcoming album. *3Muscle*2 is the first thing he's released in about two years and gives a good indication of what the album sounds like.

GWILYM GOLD - MUSCLE from Hymn on Vimeo.

Micachu – Oscillator Snaz

A very upfront, big, rough-sounding beat from Mica Levi. I love playing it out, it gets great reactions everywhere.

Darkstar – Your Love

New from us on the forthcoming album, this is way more direct than anything we've done in a while and seems to be going down well. Sneaky Pete’s, 225 1757, 13 Aug, 11pm, £5.


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