Interview: Ninja Tune / Solid Steel’s DJ Moneyshot aka Macroy ‘Roy’ Spencer

*4dj Moneyshot

'Expect old-school style, heavy on the funk. Don't expect modern bass music or clownstep'

We’d love to give you the guided tour around the multifarious styles of Ninja Tune / Solid Steel’s DJ Moneyshot (aka East Midlands boy Macroy ‘Roy’ Spencer), but he’s willing to do it himself, so open his Mixcloud, sit back and enjoy the ‘greatest hits’.

‘First up,’ he says, ‘The Dischandler, my first attempt at trying to make a world-beating mix. It's fast and funky and takes in hip hop, funk and a few curveballs. Next is Mother's Ruin, my award-winning rock, pop, lounge and grooves mix. Nearly every artist on here is terrible, but the tunes I've found are amazing: it ends on a Bruce Forsyth number. To round off try my latest Nas tribute mix, Half-Man Half-Amazing. It should hit 100,000 plays soon, so a few extra listens would be lovely, ta.’

All of the above illustrate the party-focused style of a DJ who cut his teeth as resident at Wales’ biggest hip hop night, the Hustler Showcase, while he was still at uni and bombarded the Solid Steel webcast (‘the place for creative mixes … their charter has always been “the broadest beats” so my style tries to reflect that’) with demo mixes. Live, he promises ‘heavy beats and party rap cuts. Old-school style, heavy on the funk. Don't expect modern bass music or clownstep. If you like your drums beefy and your beats doubled and scratched up, then you could do worse than getting your drank on to me.’ His advice is to listen out for Treva Whateva, Ty & Roots Manuva, his own crew the Allergies and Beastie Boys backed up by Fleetwood Mac in there.

Cabaret Voltaire, 247 4704, 18 Aug, 11pm, £5.

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