Interview: Bobby Perman aka S-Type talks to us ahead of the LuckyMe Annual Festival Party 2014

*4luckyme Festival Party

Photo: Christina Kernohan

The Blessing, eclair Fifi and Joseph Marinetti complete the line-up

Once again Glasgow record label LuckyMe are heading to the capital for a festival special. 'It's really difficult to pinpoint the common theme between all the artists on the label. I think it's more of an aesthetic than a sound,' explains S-Type (aka Bobby Perman) who'll be playing the Edinburgh date. 'I can hear a minimal experimental track that sounds very LuckyMe to me, then I could hear a commercial rap track that sounds very LuckyMe as well.'

The art, music and party collective grew out of the Scottish hip hop scene but started to absorb the minimalism, techno and abstract beats played out in clubs across the city. 'When I moved to Glasgow I was exposed to a lot more electronic music and it fed into my own productions and made me want to make music for clubs rather than just for home,' adds Perman.

S-Type is full of praise for his LuckyMe compatriots on the lineup: 'Eclair Fifi can play 10–15 different genres and make it sound seamless, she's a really good party DJ, she reads the crowd really well. Joseph Marinetti is a great producer and the Blessings' Martyn Flyn is a super-tight hip hop and club DJ. It's always a good buzz being on stage with each other. I prefer lineups where I know everyone – you get into it more.'

Sneaky Pete's, 225 1757, 17 Aug, 11pm, £10.

LuckyMe Festival Party

The LuckyMe crew's annual Festival shindig. 2017's party features Nina Las Vegas, Eclair Fifi, Nightwave and The Blessings.