ReferendumFest 2014 to explore issues surrounding Scottish independence debate

Scotland’s ReferendumFest 2014 seeks to explore issues surrounding Scottish independence debate

Guests include Lesley Riddoch, Kate Higgins, Gerry Hassan, Owen Dudley-Edwards and Henry McLeish

Make up your own mind

The Yes campaign plays on Braveheart sentiments about saving Scotland from the Auld Enemy, while the No-voters are a bunch of land-owning upper class Tories, right? Separate fact from emotion at this five-day festival promising informed talks, debates and discussions to open up dialogues surrounding the future of Scotland.

The referendum gets interesting

Bored with Salmond v Cameron? Hear some alternative takes on independence as an array of speakers, including poets and cultural commentators, take to the stage. Highlights include Kate Higgins examining what being Scottish means to twentysomethings, while Lesley Riddoch promises a riveting debate on what Scots want for their country’s future.

Have your say

Want to contribute to the debate yourself? The organisers have promised 'soapbox slots', a strictly timed five-minute opportunity halfway through the event allowing any pre-arranged speaker, politician or citizen (you don’t have to be Salmond’s right-hand man to have an opinion) to take to the stage uninterrupted. Carpe diem.

Enjoy the intimate venues

We’re all prone to a little stage fright and a venue capacity of 60 sounds big, but honestly, you’re not addressing the Scottish Parliament debating chamber. The Quaker Meeting House is, in its own words, ‘a calmer space for those who need it’, so no excuse for not getting stuck in.

Nail your facts

Rest assured this is not a festival designed to add fuel to either fire, so come away armed with facts about both sides of the debate. Whatever happens on 18 September, it will affect the Scots, the English and many others.

Quaker Meeting House, 220 6109, 18–22 Aug, 1.45pm, 3.30pm & 5.15pm, £3.

Scotland’s ReferendumFest 2014

Luath Press Festival of Politics Fringe 18 September 2014. The most significant democratic event in Scotland’s history. The Independence Referendum. Yes or No. Whatever the outcome, a better Scotland is possible. What are the implications for the people of Scotland and the rest of the UK? Come along for sparky talks…

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