Also Published - 5 Paperback debut novels



Priya Basil - Ishq and Mushq A generational novel about a Sikh mother whose secret past corrodes her life with tragic consequences for all. Black Swan.

Catherine Hanrahan - Lost Girls and Love Hotels By day Margaret is training to be an air stewardess in Tokyo and by night she is dousing her personal demons in a sex and drugs frenzy. This can’t end well. Pocket.

Ottavio Cappellani - Who is Lou Sciortino? An Elmore Leonardesque tale of the young member of a New York crime family, who flees to Sicily after the movie studio he manages is blown up. Picador.

Clifford Chase - Winkie A teddy bear is accused of masterminding terrorist atrocities in the US heartland. Unusual, to say the least. Hodder.

Tatiana de Rosnay - Sarah’s Key It’s Paris 1942 and a young girl has locked her kid brother in a cupboard to save him from persecution while the rest of the family are dragged off to the concentration camps. Faber.

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