Five events discussing the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum

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  • 17 August 2014
Five Scottish Independence events to check out

Featuring ReferendumFest, Independence and Monetary Reform, Aye Right? How No?, Glasgow Skeptics: Is Scotland Going to Vote Yes? and Scotland’s Democracy Trail

As the debate ramps up in the final weeks before the vote, there's still time to make your mind up. Here are some events which could help.


If you've been itching to get your voice heard among the yes / no / undecideds of the debate, now's your chance. Join MSPs, MPs, MEPs and other members of the public when ReferendumFest gives Edinburgh its own Speakers' Corner. These soapbox spots are alongside three sessions each afternoon hosting prominent speakers from both sides.

Quaker Meeting House, Edinburgh, until Fri 22 Aug.

Independence and Monetary Reform

Speaking of monetary policy … No wait, come back! If fractional reserve banking and government gilts are a mystery to you, these sessions may prove illuminating, terrifying or both. Campaign group Positive Money look at how an independent Scotland might create a new monetary system with talks, film and Q&A.

CCA, Glasgow & Summerhall, Edinburgh, Thu 4 Sep.

Aye Right? How No?

Bringing some much needed levity, Vladimir McTavish and Keir McAlister host spoken word, poetry, comedy and music. Better suited to taking your mind off monetary policy than informing your decision, a successful run on the Fringe suggests that the debate needn’t be all daggers over the dinner table.

The Stand, Edinburgh, Sun 7 Sep; The Stand, Glasgow, Wed 17 Sep.

Glasgow Skeptics: Is Scotland Going to Vote Yes?

For those irked by the soundbites and Mandelsonian manoeuvres of the televised debate, the Glasgow Skeptics may have the perfect remedy. Approaching the referendum in typically disinterested fashion, they call on Scotland’s leading political pollster, Professor John Curtice, to dissect the polls and provide his statistically significant prediction.

The Admiral, Glasgow, Mon 8 Sep.

Scotland’s Democracy Trail

Promising to cover 500 years of Scotland’s history leading up to September’s historic vote, the Scottish Storytelling Centre’s Donald Smith and Stuart McHardy lead a walking tour of some of Edinburgh’s most historically and politically significant sites.

The Hub, Edinburgh, Mon 8-Sat 13 Sep.

Glasgow Skeptics

A biweekly event where speakers expound on science, pseudoscience, politics and policy to increase public understanding and engagement of these issues.

Aye Right? How No'? What Next?

Vladimir McTavish and Keir McAllister take on the independence debate in a show that blends stand-up, poetry, spoken word and politics.

Scotland’s ReferendumFest 2014

Luath Press Festival of Politics Fringe 18 September 2014. The most significant democratic event in Scotland’s history. The Independence Referendum. Yes or No. Whatever the outcome, a better Scotland is possible. What are the implications for the people of Scotland and the rest of the UK? Come along for sparky talks…

Scotland's Democracy Trail – Book Launch

The story of democracy, told through key locations in Edinburgh. Booking is essential.

Independence and Monetary Reform: How Can Scotland Change the Banking and Monetary System?

With the independence referendum just around the corner, an evening of discussions about the nation's financial matters.

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