Allan Guthrie - Savage Night (4 stars)

Allan Guthrie - Savage Night



As the winner of last year’s Theakston’s Old Peculiar Crime Novel of the Year, Edinburgh’s Allan Guthrie is right at the forefront of the expanding sub-genre known as Tartan Noir. That Ian Rankin, the godfather of the style, has also offered a personal recommendation is further cause to speculate that Guthrie’s work might fill a sizeable chunk of the post-Rebus void.

His prose is as clipped and to the point as any good noir thriller demands, brusquely in the moment and alert to the characters’ reaction to it. It seems a simple method to master, but the author’s way with his idiom is honed and precise; there’s a certain glib brutality to noir writing and, from the moment young Fraser returns home with his date to find a beheaded man in his bathtub, this raw revenge drama keeps you turning the pages, layering one intrigue over the next. A masterful exercise in pulp storytelling.


1. Darcie Condie27 Mar 2008, 10:05am Report

I was lucky enough to be on location with Allan Guthrie whilst he was filming a promo for Savage Night with director Tim Maguire. I have yet to read to book, but the putting together the scenes and listening to Allan's interview made me want to pick one up. And maybe lock my door...

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